The point in getting older

I never understood the people who are scared of their birthday, of the day they will become one year older. What is so bad about it? Why are some people so keen on not revealing their age? Does it make any difference of what we think of them, of their character? I would say no.

People should stop worrying about getting old and full of wrinkles. They should be confident about themselves and they should be thankful for every year they get to live their lives. Emily Blunt once said, that she finds the lines on people’s faces interesting because it shows the amount of experiences this person has gone through. So why would somebody spend thousands of Dollars on covering the reality, on covering his life’s obstacles and achievements? I cannot understand them and I don’t want to because it doesn’t seem very logical to me. You try to create a younger version of yourself which doesn’t represent who you are.

I’m happy each time I get to celebrate my birthday because at the same time we celebrate our parents, as this date wouldn’t be so special for us if they did not exist. I like getting older and I don’t say this because I just got only 19, I’m sure that I will keep saying it as times goes by. Each and every year is so full of many events, that change our lives and build our character. Each new year we have to prove ourselves we became a little wiser and we should normally become a little more grown – up, although this process seems to be slowing down sometimes ; )

What I just wanted to say is, that getting older is a privilege. So many unfortunate people lose their lives at a very young age, when they still have so many dreams and set goals to achieve. In regard of them, I find it -indeed- disrespectful to try to hide or even forget the fact that we are getting older.

Time decides of your getting older but you are the one who decides whether you want to stay young at heart or not!Image(


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