The feeling of “we”

When international sport events come up, people get together easily. They gather up to support their team, their country. The public viewing spots gets crowded and for these 90 minutes (when it comes to football) this big crowd is united. You get to embrace the people around you even though you don’t know them. You get to cry with them or you share your joy for the win of the team you support.

That is what we witnessed during the World Cup this year! And I have to say that I loved these pictures that came from all the corners of the world. Pictures that showed how united people can get, how much they still love their country. Nowadays this doesn’t happen very often anymore. Mentalities in countries are just different. If you would ask a Greek,at any time of the year, if and why he is proud of his country, despite the crisis, he would come up with a bunch of reasons. On the other hand, if you try to find some reasonable patriotism for example, in Germany, you will find it quite difficult. It’s not that they are not proud, they just don’t show it that easily. So when Germany won the World Cup this year( and yes, they deserved it!! ;) ), I was so happy to finally observe millions of people getting together to celebrate the pride of their country’s team. It felt good to see that they can show it and celebrate like crazy!

In my opinion, a reasonable amount of patriotism is great! It shows that you are aware and proud of your roots. Through globalization, which is of course an amazing evolution for mankind, everything started to resemble with one another. Suddenly you can get a shirt from your favorite French brand, although you live in the US. As a result, the uniqueness of spots around the world fade away. If everyone would start ignoring or forgetting about the culture of their country, their roots, then everything would start getting so boring and the differences between the cultures would disappear. Luckily, I think that this phenomenon will never happen, as there are enough people in every country of the world, that care about the unique history, the traditional food, the art, the landscape, just the personality of their country. This leads to a maintenance of each culture and while traveling, we will have the pleasure to explore the beauty each spot of the world has to offer, just by getting together with proud locals.

We should not forget where we’re from. Every culture has so much to offer and it sure is worth it keeping it from disappearing. The feeling of belonging somewhere feels good and it makes you understand a unique mentality. And when you gather up with your international friends it just gets really fun to share moments with people belonging to different cultures; you get to create memories with them although you come from different backgrounds, because after all, we are all humans, we all belong to mankind, we should all feel united! ( at any time of the year ;) )

fussballpictures are from Google,,


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