Bella Italia – Milano I


Finally I have time to tell you all about my summer trips! This year I decided to do a little tour through 3 Italian cities and I loved it, as Italy is one of my favourite countries in the world!!

I started this journey by spending 4 days in the impressive and beautiful city of Milano, which is located in the north of Italy, but surely doesn’t need any introduction ;) The city impressed me with its well dressed people, the daily Spritz as an aperitivo, the beautiful architecture and the many many sights it has to offer.

So here are some suggestions of what you could do in the Italian city of fashion, tagged with some photo impressions :)

To Do:

1. Duomo

The Duomo is simply a must when in Milan! It imposes itself with its amazing and very detailed architecture in its surroundings just in front of the Galleria Vittorio-Emmanuele II. You really have to go on the roof of the Duomo in order to enjoy a great view of the metropole.



2. Pinacoteca di Brera

One of the most important art collections of Milan, housed in a beautiful building.



3. Parco Sempione

This big park in the city centre hosts the Castello Sforzesco, which you can visit as well as get on top of the tower to see the view. At the other end of the park, there is the Arco della Pace, which was originally started by Napoléon. The park is definitely a great idea for a nice stroll in the morning.




4. Porta Garibaldi

This neighbourhood is part of the most modern district of the city and is home to many impressive architectural buildings. Nice for an evening walk before dinner.


5. Museum of Science

The Museum of science is a great option for a rainy day. We were very impressed by the collection of the many miniatures, which represented the different inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. This man was truly a genius and I would definitely recommend paying a visit to this museum. Of course, the museum has many more things to offer, such as a “maritime inventions” and a “space inventions” part.

6. Shopping

Of course a trip to Milan wouldn’t be complete without some shopping, or at least some window shopping! Being one of the main European fashion capitals, Milan hosts an unbelievable variety of fashion brands and the most high-end boutiques, such as Prada or Armani are located in the Paris-like streets of Via Manzoni and Via Montenapoleone, as well as in the absolutely stunning Galleria Vittorio-Emmanuele II. And another great spot for wanting to spend all your money is the Rinascente, right next to the Duomo, as well as the Excelsior mall, which is located in the same area, offering an amazing food hall in the lower level.



7. Some lovely neighbourhoods

We especially loved the neighbourhoods of Moscova and Navigli. The latter one being located near the canal and offering a unique atmosphere, as it attracts people of all ages to go out at night to have some drinks and enjoy a nice dinner.




If you have any supplementary suggestions, I’ll be more than happy to hear them!



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